Wireless Solution: Carrier-Grade Wireless Ethernet

The advantage of wireless comes to your business. Faster speeds and no equipment makes this an ideal business solution - especially for companies that don't have in-house tech support.

    Wireless Advantages

Monthly Cost You get more byte for your buck - a 5Mb connection costs the same as a 1.5Mb T1.
Fees Recurring costs are lower than with T1, DS3 or Fiber connections
Reliability Our equipment is powerful and operates at different frequencies than residential wireless. The technology is immunie to most interference, and our availability and uptime is at or above industry standards. You can also purchase FCC licensed frequencies for additional protection.
Installation Fast and painless - we provide a simple point-of-presence on your rooftop and drop the connection into your server/phone room. Wire-line service is also an option
Price Packages There are no set packages - you pick the range from 5Mb up to 1000Mb, and we tailor the packaging to your needs
Speed Wireless ranges from 5Mb to 1000Mb
Equipment No expensive routers or VPN solutions are needed

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