Why Choose ResTech Services?
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Why do my residents keep asking about ResTech Services?

Because we offer the fastest available Internet connection in Madison, at the best price.

What makes ResTech Services the best option for my property

We offer a number of service options, which can be customized to serve your property in your best interests. Want to offer free phone, internet, or satellite TV as an amenity to your residents? Done. We have bulk contracts with great prices. Building isn't wired? No problem; we can wire it for you. SImply want to offer your residents an alternative Internet option? We can do that too-at no cost to you. We also offer 99.999% guaranteed uptime (the industry standard).

I want to offer my residents a choice in services, but how do I avoid being in the middle?

We handle all support and service calls. If there happens to be an issue with the service, your residents contact us, and one of our trained technicians assists them with a resolution. We do house calls as well, and 99% of any of our orders are activated in one business day. That means no long waiting times-no four hour windows for an installation.

What if I want to sell services to my tenants?

ResTech Services has a number of programs for commission-based sales, and we will happily work with you to come to an agreement.

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Will I have to deal with resetting equipment and other technical issues?

ResTech Services handles all the technical support issues related to our service. We offer 24/7/365 monitoring of all our service, and have technicians available for any emergency. It's likely that if a resident notices a problem, we're already working on it.

What about other services?

ResTech Services offers a number of packages, including door-entry/access systems, video surveillance & DVR equipment, and intercoms, alarms, business class telephone, and internet services. Essentially, we provide the services that you and your tenants want.

I have a remote offices and I am tired of the hassle of multiple networks. What can ResTech Services do for me?

ResTech Services can connect your remote offices so they are able to operate on the same network, making file-sharing and communications easier. ResTech Services can also integrate your phone system to make desk coverage and voice integration simple and painless.

I have a unique building but I don't want some cookie-cutter service. Can you still help me?

ResTech Services prides itself on customized solutions for all situations. In other words, we're committed to providing you a service that works for you and your tenants, because it is designed around your building's needs.

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