In order to explain why ResTech delivers less expensive, more reliable service than any of the big boys in the market, you need to understand our business model. It has nothing to do with special software or the latest technology. It's all about efficiency and using resources wisely. In the end, that's what always wins for business.

Resident Experts

ResTech got its start by providing Internet and phone services to the majority of apartments and condominiums in Madison. To service these large residential buildings, we needed to purchase extensive amounts of bandwidth.

Fortunately for you, this bandwidth sits relatively untouched during the daytime when most people are at work. That's where you savings start.

ResTech allows local businesses to use that unused bandwidth at substantially reduced prices. It's like borrowing someone's car while they're at work. Instead of it sitting in the parking lot, you're putting it to use, and saving money in the process.

Keep in mind that if your business also operates during evening hours, you won't be competing for bandwidth with the residential population. We adjust our overall capacity to ensure we have plenty of capacity during peak usage times - no matter when they occur.

So why don't the major phone and internet service providers follow our strategy?

They wish they could. Because many are national organizations that don't handle multi-use residences like apartment buildings, they can't adapt our model.

Completing the package:
What does all of this mean for you?


Whether it's Internet or phone service, you'll find ResTech substantially less expensive than the competition. But that's only the beginning.

We know our competitive advantage is good, but it falls short if we can't offer two other essential components for businesses: reliable local service and innovative solutions.

1. Reliable local service

We define service in two ways:
First: Our service reliability - our uptime. All Restech products and services meet 99.999% link reliability. We monitor all of our connections locally (that's very important). All day, all night, year round, we're keeping tabs on our service.

Second: Our service is based on support and on-site servicing. You'll get all the support you need - and not from some farway, outsourced voice. Our people are here in Southern Wisconsin, and we're intimately familiar with the equipment and set-ups for our local businesses. If there is a problem that requires an onsite visit, we're available with extended business hours and immediate support.

2. Innovative Solutions

Because we're more nimble than bigger providers, we can create innovative solutions that are custom-tailored to your business.

For example, our Wireless Ethernet solution delivers the same exceptional service as more expensive T1, DS3 or optional fiber solutions. Or our Internet-based phone service - VoIP with hosted PBX - uses a multi-solution phone piece of hardware that gives you essential business features such as voice mail boxes, call transfers, conferencing extensions and more.


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