Traditional Solution: T1 Managed Service

T1 Managed service has been the long-time standard for absolute security and guaranteed uptime. Feature-wise, ResTech's T1 service stacks up against any other service on the market. But you come out ahead thanks to our overall lower pricing structure and service solutions.

         T1 Managed Advantages

Monthly Cost Significantly less than the competition. We'd be happy to run a side-by-side comparison with anyone.
Fees Starting at $250-300 for the first T1, and $150-200 starting cost for each additional T1.
Reliability If you need absolute, guaranteed reliability, this is the choice.
Installation Our local service people can be at your facility immediately, and work to avoid disruptions of any kind.
Price Packages There are no set packages - you pick the range from 1.5Mb up to 12Mb, and we tailor the packaging to your needs.
Speed Ranges from 1.5Mb to 12Mb.
Equipment Included at no cost and managed by ResTech.

For even deeper discounts, ask about our bundled pricing options for Internet and Phone Service!

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