Metro Ethernet for Property Owners and Managers

ResTech Services can now offer Apartment Buildings, Condos and Hotels a competitive broadband Internet access offering. Leveraging our Metro Ethernet platform, property owners, managers and condo associations can bring Madison's fastest network (with speeds >10Mbps) into their buildings.

ResTech Services offers two models of service - an Individual Sales Model, and a Bulk Model. To qualify for service a property must have at minimum 16 apartment, condo or other units.

Individual Sales Model

With an Individual Sales Agreement with ResTech Services, an apartment building or condominium can bring Madison's fastest network to end-users at no cost to the building's owner or condominium association, making available another choice for phone and data services. Working with your staff, ResTech will draw up plans to make the network available and install all necessary equipment free of charge. Then individual tenants or unit owners interested in service can order, while everyone retains choice.

ResTech's Individual Sales Model makes the following services available:

  • 50 Mbps Internet Access
  • 10 Mbps Internet Access
  • 5 Mbps Internet Access
  • 1 Mbps Internet Access
  • Digital Voice telephony, with unlimited local and USA long distance

Price includes bundle discount for orders including apartment-wide Internet access. Without discount, $34.99.

And as it's our network - we take the calls, fix the problems and make everything right. ResTech provides all support and service for its end-to-end network with technicians based in the Madison area, increasing the quality of our service, as well as customer satisfaction.

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Bulk Model

With a Bulk Agreement with ResTech Services, an apartment building, condominium or hotel can purchase Internet access for units at a significant discount. Many such properties are investigating bulk services with an eye to providing apartment tenants, condo owners or hotel guests a valuable amenity, or to resell the service. With ResTech Services this is easy. And for those who have used competing services in the past and come away dissatisfied, ResTech has a strong track record of picking up the pieces and making what may have been a nagging problem into a hands- and hassle-free service.

The first and one of the best advantages of ResTech's Bulk Model is that it requires no upfront capital investment. ResTech does not charge any installation fee and there is no equipment to purchase. ResTech provides installation, equipment and maintenance and replacement thereof as part of the monthly contract fee. Hence there is no equipment risk either, a notable advantage as technology changes quickly.

The second advantage is that ResTech Services provides all end-user support! Many of our competitors are happy to sell you a service, but won't ever deal with the end-users, your apartment tenants, fellow owners or hotel guests. Internet access is our core business, not yours. Hence ResTech provides 100% of support. And we provide this support across our network, which we own and operate end-to-end, meaning greater accountability for you (we won't be passing the buck). And this support comes from technicians based in the Madison area - so we are close at hand to fix on-site problems.

The third advantage is pricing. Under our Bulk Model we provide a range of speed and contract length options, and pricing per unit comes out at a substantial discount to retail rates. We also provide your end-users the option to upgrade their speed on an individual basis should they want the fastest possible Internet access, meaning you are free to choose a speed that best suits your market's needs.

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