One Dish to Rule Them All:
DIRECTV® for your Residents

DIRECTV can add some real appeal to your amenities list. With full-service for a building all through one dish, you'll make residents happy without adding clutter to your rooftop or balconies.

ResTech Services provides DIRECTV, America's premier mini-dish satellite television service, to apartments, condominiums, townhome complexes or townhomes. The service requires only one centrally located 24-36" satellite dish. It pulls in a signal that is shared by each resident via a digital DSS receiver.

A full range of programming is available, with over 265 channels, including local stations. However, your residents can customize their channel options and still get the great group rate!

ResTech Installations and Support

ResTech Services is an independent DIRECTV authorized MDU System Operator. We'll provide you with professional installation, maintenance, and customer service.

Top Ranked Customer Care

Choosing DIRECTV as your TV provider reflects well on you. DIRECTV was ranked "Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Satellite/Cable TV Subscribers in regions covering 45 states".

One Dish, Many Options

Even with one centralized dish, your residents will be able to customize their channel options. They'll have access to digital video recorder (DVR) services. DIRECTV also features, the most national channels available in HD, and 100% digital picture and sound on every channel.

Flexible Business Models

ResTech Services offers you the best DirecTV Satellite TV network, giving your residents upgrade options if they want more...

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