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Bryan Schenker is the Owner and lead of ResTech Services. Mr Schenker received a Bachelors of Science in Physics and Mathematics from UW Madison. As one of ResTech’s prime founders, Bryan has been here from the very beginning. He joined Steve Brown Apartments in 2000 as the Resident Director and Office Manager of one of the Private Residence Halls (PRH) owned and managed by Steve Brown Apartments. In 2001, Mr. Schenker became manager of PRH Services, the auxiliary services (telephone, internet, television) branch for the 1,500 students living in the Private Residence Halls at UW Madison, a division that would eventually evolve into ResTech Services that we know today.

Extensive knowledge of computers, networking, programming, and technology, combined with property management experience were integrated by Mr. Schenker into an innovative system for managing and delivering voice and data services, first to multiple tenant properties before expanding those offerings to area businesses. The company has since expanded further, offer services  ranging from Digital Satellite Television, Security and Door Access systems, and more.  Under Mr. Schenker’s leadership, ResTech Services has grown from a simple startup to a company delivering service to over 125 area properties and more than 100 area businesses.

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