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Why set up a personal network when a public option is available?

While your property may offer wireless hot-spots, ResTech recommends that residents wishing to use wireless as their primary connection use a dedicated personal router, in unit, wherever direct-line connections are available.

The reason for this is simple; public wifi networks lack the security, reliability and ease of troubleshooting of a private network. A private network ensures that your dedicated service is not being used or affected by users outside of your unit. Having your own equipment minimizes points of failures and makes troubleshooting much easier for both customers and their providers.

What are my options?

Residents may purchase their own router, or lease one from ResTech for $9.99 /mo. In cases where residents provide their own router, ResTech Services may need to refer the user to the manufacturer for technical support.

Having WiFi connection or speed issues? Here are some things to consider:

  • You live in a multiple tenant property, which creates a lot of sources of noise and interference. Placement of your router in a central location in your unit will help to minimize the chatter.
  • Regardless of the speeds offered or included at your building, network speeds will be limited to the capabilities of your devices. If you provide your own router, be sure both the router and the devices that connect to it are capable of the Internet speeds in your home.
    • Generally, that means:
      802.11ac devices for 100mbit (Sometimes referred to as 5g)
      802.11n or better for 50mbit
      802.11g being acceptable for 20mbit
  • As a note, it can be nearly impossible to avoid interference from your neighbors if you are using 2.4GHz routers and devices.
  • We recommend dual band devices (both 2.4GHz and 5GHz capable), and using 5GHz wherever you can. 802.11g routers and devices are only capable of using 2.4GHz band, and will likely see more interference than 5GHz capable connections.
  • Periodic resets of your system (both computer and router) will help to clear any apps or network resources that may be creating a drag on your overall bandwidth.

The following links are useful for users who want to do their own research on what will work best for them.

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