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Metro Ethernet for Property Owners and Managers

ResTech Services is proud to offer a locally-owned and operated, broadband Internet service at affordable monthly rates.

Leveraging our Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Network, property owners and managers, condo associations, and hotel operators can supply their residents and guests with bandwidth rates up to a Gigabit.

ResTech Services offers three models of service; Bulk, Bulk Managed, and Right of Entry (ROE). In all three scenarios ResTech Services provides all end-user support.  We take the calls. We fix the problems.

To learn about each option, click the options below.


Bulk Service Model

The Bulk Model provides your property with a valuable amenity, at a discounted, monthly rate per unit. Because each building is unique, rates are set on a custom basis, determined by the complexities of the project.

The advantage of ResTech’s Bulk Model is that it can be done with little to no upfront capital investment. Depending on the contract terms, ResTech will provide installation, equipment, and the maintenance and replacement thereof, built in to the monthly fee.

Bandwidth Rates currently peak at 1 Gigabit. 500 and 100 Mbps rates are also available. With varied reliance on the web for work or education, streaming, gaming, and more, different communities have different needs.

Not sure how much bandwidth is enough? No problem. ResTech can offer discounted upgrades for residents who may not be satisfied with the included rate, allowing you to keep costs low, while still a service that fits the needs of most of your residents.

Resident bandwidth upgrades are available up to 1 Gigabit, or the peak rate available at the location.

Managed Bulk Model

Managed Bulk Service is similar to Bulk, but with some key differences. In this scenario, the property is able to resell the service directly, as well as maintain control of which units have access, using ResTech’s proprietary management software.

Rather than a flat, bulk rate for all units each month, the property pays a discounted rate of service for each individual user and service level chosen.  From there, the property is free to charge a markup.

Residents sign-up and pay the property directly, while support is still taken care of by ResTech Services.

Right of Entry (ROE) Service Model

The ROE Service Model is fully administered by ResTech and provided at no cost to the property. Our most cost-effective option for the property owner, it simply allows us to offer a low cost, high-speed Internet service to your residents. The benefit to the property, is user choice at affordable rates.

Working with your staff, ResTech will draw up plans to make the network available and install all necessary equipment, free of charge.

ResTech’s Individual Sales Model makes the following services available:

  • Service Speeds ranging from 20 Mbps – 1 Gbps
  • Contract free, monthly rates as low as $20 Month
  • Access to additional services like Home Wireless Service, Digital Television, and more
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