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Getting Started

To access your included television lineup, you will need to take the following steps…

  1. Connect your television to a coaxial outlet in your residence.
  2. Perform a channel scan via the menu or setup options of your television, generally accessible via your televisions remote control.

Upgrading Your Entertainment Options

IP Digital Television service upgrades are delivered via an HD capable, digital receiver and requires an installation appointment with ResTech Services. Once your service order is placed, we will contact you to schedule an appointment. Like our internet service, there are no contracts and services can be upgraded further at any time.

All IPTV upgrade packages require the installation of one digital receiver for each television.

A searchable listing of channels for each lineup, as well as printable pricing and channel guides can be found at the bottom of the page.

IPTV Packages

Basic HD
89 Unique Networks
59 Networks in full HD
50 Music Choice Radio Stations
Expanded HD
116 Unique Networks
87 Networks in full HD
50 Music Choice Radio Stations


IPTV HD Receiver $9.99/mo.
IPTV HDDVR $19.99/mo.

Any leased IPTV equipment must be returned to ResTech Services within 30 days of the date of cancellation of service, or applicable Equipment Recovery Fees may apply.

Add Premium Networks
(pricing covers entire network lineup. Full listings available below)

HBO $21.77/mo.
Cinemax $14.80/mo.
Showtime $18.54/mo.
Starz $15.17/mo.
NFL RedZone $54.59/season
Playboy $18.99/mo.

All IPTV services and lease fees are subject to a 5% Cable Franchise Tax.

Bulk Channel Lineups

Channel lineups and pricing are subject to change and are updated periodically.


Analog #Receiver #Channel NameIncludedBasic HDExpanded HDPremium
23.3005WGN AmericaInc Basic Exp
007WMTV NBCBasic Exp
07.2008WMTV-DT 2 WeatherInc Basic Exp
009WBUW CWBasic Exp
010WMSN FoxBasic Exp
011WISC CBSBasic Exp
10.2012WISC - My TVInc Basic Exp
017WKOW ABCBasic Exp
11.2018WKOW-ME-TVInc Basic Exp
11.3019WKOW-ThisTVInc Basic Exp
12.2020WHA CreateInc Basic Exp
021WHA PBSBasic Exp
12.3022WHA Wisc WIInc Basic Exp
023PBS KidsBasic Exp
029MLB NetworkExp
030Big Ten NetworkBasic Exp
031Fox Sports WI: Out of MarketBasic Exp
032Fox Sports WIBasic Exp
033ESPNBasic Exp
034ESPN2Basic Exp
15.1035ESPN ClassicInc Basic Exp
14.3036ESPNEWSInc Basic Exp
15.2037ESPNUInc Basic Exp
038NFL NetworkBasic Exp
039Fox Sports 1Basic Exp
040Fox Sports 2Exp
042NBC Sports NetworkExp
043The Golf ChannelBasic Exp
047Outdoor ChannelExp
048Big Ten Network (IL)Basic Exp
049Big Ten Network (MN)Basic Exp
21.1053CSPANInc Basic Exp
21.2054CSPAN2Inc Basic Exp
40.1055Home Shopping NetworkInc Basic Exp
40.2056QVCInc Basic Exp
057Jewelry TVBasic Exp
28.3102Cartoon NetworkInc Basic Exp
103Discovery Family ChannelExp
104Disney ChannelExp
105NickelodeonBasic Exp
106Disney XDExp
28.1107Disney Junior USInc Basic Exp
109FreeformBasic Exp
110Animal PlanetBasic Exp
26.1111Comedy CentralInc Basic Exp
112E! Entertainment TelevisionBasic Exp
113FXBasic Exp
114FXXBasic Exp
22.1115GSNInc Basic Exp
116SyfyBasic Exp
117TBSBasic Exp
25.3118Spike TVInc Basic Exp
119TNTBasic Exp
22.2120TV LandInc Basic Exp
121USA NetworkBasic Exp
122RFD TVExp
123The Cowboy ChannelBasic Exp
127Hallmark ChannelBasic Exp
32.2128Hallmark Movies & MysteriesInc Basic Exp
22.3129truTVInc Basic Exp
130LifetimeBasic Exp
131Lifetime Movie NetworkBasic Exp
31.3132Lifetime Real WomenInc Basic Exp
133Ovation TVExp
134OxygenBasic Exp
30.2137WE tvInc Basic Exp
138Food NetworkBasic Exp
38.2141UpliftInc Basic Exp
39.3142Trinity Broadcasting NetworkInc Basic Exp
38.3143EWTNInc Basic Exp
39.11443ABNInc Basic Exp
39.21453ABN LatinoInc Basic Exp
148Crime & Investigation NetworkExp
36.1149VicelandInc Basic Exp
150A&EBasic Exp
151BBC AmericaExp
36.2152FYIInc Basic Exp
153The Discovery ChannelBasic Exp
35.2154Investigation DiscoveryInc Basic Exp
155OWNBasic Exp
156Destination AmericaExp
157Science ChannelExp
158American Hereos ChannelExp
159Discovery Life ChannelExp
160HistoryBasic Exp
161HGTVBasic Exp
162TLCBasic Exp
163National Geographic ChannelBasic Exp
164The Travel ChannelBasic Exp
165DIY NetworkExp
26.2170CMTInc Basic Exp
27.1171MTV - Music TelevisionInc Basic Exp
27.2172VH1 - Video Hits OneInc Basic Exp
173BETBasic Exp
177BBC World NewsBasic Exp
19.2178Fox BusinessInc Basic Exp
179CNBC WorldExp
181CNBCBasic Exp
18.1182CNNInc Basic Exp
18.2183CNN InternationalInc Basic Exp
184Fox News ChannelBasic Exp
18.3185HLNInc Basic Exp
186MSNBCBasic Exp
17.1187The Weather ChannelInc Basic Exp
197SundanceTVBasic Exp
198IFCBasic Exp
201AMCBasic Exp
202BravoBasic Exp
33.3203FX Movie ChannelInc Basic Exp
33.1205Turner Classic MoviesInc Basic Exp
34.1206Classic Arts ShowcaseInc Basic Exp
209WGN America HDBasic Exp
07.1307WMTV NBC HDInc Basic Exp
08.1309WBUW CW HDInc Basic Exp
09.1310WMSN Fox HDInc Basic Exp
10.1311WISC CBS HDInc Basic Exp
11.1317WKOW ABC HDInc Basic Exp
12.1321WHA PBS HDInc Basic Exp
329MLB Network HDExp
13.1330Big Ten Network HDInc Basic Exp
331Fox Sports WI HD: Out of MarketBasic Exp
13.2332Fox Sports WI HDInc Basic Exp
14.1333ESPN HDInc Basic Exp
14.2334ESPN2 HDInc Basic Exp
337ESPNU HDBasic Exp
16.1338NFL Network HDInc Basic Exp
13.3339Fox Sports 1 HDInc Basic Exp
340Fox Sports 2 HDExp
342NBC Sports Network HDExp
16.2343The Golf Channel HDInc Basic Exp
346Sportsman HDExp
347Outdoor Channel HDExp
348Big Ten Network (IL) HDBasic Exp
349Big Ten Network (MN) HDBasic Exp
356QVC HDBasic Exp
360NASA TV HDBasic Exp
371HDNet MoviesExp
372Universal HDExp
373Velocity HDExp
403Discovery Family HDExp
404Disney Channel HDExp
28.2405Nickelodeon HDInc Basic Exp
406Disney XD HDExp
407Disney Junior US HDExp
29.1409Freeform HDInc Basic Exp
34.3410Animal Planet HDInc Basic Exp
411Comedy Central HDBasic Exp
23.1412E! Entertainment Television HDInc Basic Exp
23.2413FX HDInc Basic Exp
414FXX HDBasic Exp
415GSN HDExp
25.2416Syfy HDInc Basic Exp
24.2417TBS HDInc Basic Exp
418Spike TV HDBasic Exp
24.3419TNT HDInc Basic Exp
420TV Land HDExp
24.1421USA Network HDInc Basic Exp
32.1427Hallmark Channel HDInc Basic Exp
428Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HDBasic Exp
429truTV HDExp
31.1430Lifetime HDInc Basic Exp
31.2431Lifetime Movie Network HDInc Basic Exp
433Ovation TV HDExp
29.2434Oxygen HDInc Basic Exp
436Esquire HDExp
437WE tv HDExp
37.2438Food Network HDInc Basic Exp
448Crime & Investigation HDExp
449Viceland HDExp
36.3450A&E HDInc Basic Exp
452FYI Channel HDExp
35.1453The Discovery Channel HDInc Basic Exp
454Investigation Discovery HDBasic Exp
30.1455OWN HDInc Basic Exp
456Destination America HDExp
457Science Channel HDExp
458American Heroes HDExp
459Discovery Life HDExp
37.1460History HDInc Basic Exp
37.3461HGTV HDInc Basic Exp
35.3462TLC HDInc Basic Exp
34.2463National Geographic HDInc Basic Exp
38.1464The Travel Channel HDInc Basic Exp
465DIY Network HDExp
470CMT HDBasic Exp
471MTV - Music Television HDBasic Exp
472VH1 HDBasic Exp
26.3473BET HDInc Basic Exp
478Fox Business HDBasic Exp
20.1481CNBC HDInc Basic Exp
482CNN HDBasic Exp
19.1484Fox News Channel HDInc Basic Exp
485HLN HDBasic Exp
20.2486MSNBC HDInc Basic Exp
33.2501AMC HDInc Basic Exp
25.1502Bravo HDInc Basic Exp
503FX Movie Channel HDExp
591NFL Redzone HDPremium
601HBO HDPremium
602HBO 2Premium
604HBO SignaturePremium
606HBO FamilyPremium
608HBO ComedyPremium
610HBO ZonePremium
612HBO LatinoPremium
615Encore HDPremium
616Encore ActionPremium
618Encore WesternsPremium
620Encore BlackPremium
622Encore MysteryPremium
624Encore WAMPremium
626Encore LovePremium
629Starz HDPremium
630Starz EdgePremium
632Starz in BlackPremium
634Starz KidsPremium
636Starz CinemaPremium
638Starz ComedyPremium
641CineMAX HDPremium
6505 StarMAXPremium
657Showtime HDPremium
658SHO 2Premium
660Showtime ShowcasePremium
662Showtime BeyondPremium
664Showtime ExtremePremium
668Showtime Family ZonePremium
670Showtime NextPremium
672Showtime WomenPremium
676The Movie ChannelPremium
677The Movie Channel HDPremium
678The Movie Channel ExtraPremium
802Music Choice: Hit ListBasic Exp
803Music Choice: Pop LatinoBasic Exp
804Music Choice: Dance/EDMBasic Exp
805Music Choice: IndieBasic Exp
806Music Choice: Hip-Hop and R&BBasic Exp
807Music Choice: RapBasic Exp
808Music Choice: Hip-Hop ClassicsBasic Exp
809Music Choice: Throwback JamsBasic Exp
810Music Choice: R&B ClassicsBasic Exp
811Music Choice: R&B SoulBasic Exp
812Music Choice: GospelBasic Exp
813Music Choice: ReggaeBasic Exp
814Music Choice: RockBasic Exp
815Music Choice: MetalBasic Exp
816Music Choice: AlternativeBasic Exp
817Music Choice: Adult AlternativeBasic Exp
818Music Choice: Rock HitsBasic Exp
819Music Choice: Classic RockBasic Exp
820Music Choice: Soft RockBasic Exp
821Music Choice: Love SongsBasic Exp
822Music Choice: Pop HitsBasic Exp
823Music Choice: Party FavoritesBasic Exp
824Music Choice: Teen BeatsBasic Exp
825Music Choice: Kidz Only!Basic Exp
826Music Choice: Toddler TunesBasic Exp
827Music Choice: Y2KBasic Exp
828Music Choice: ‘90sBasic Exp
829Music Choice: ‘80sBasic Exp
830Music Choice: ‘70sBasic Exp
831Music Choice: Solid Gold OldiesBasic Exp
832Music Choice: Pop CountryBasic Exp
833Music Choice: Today’s CountryBasic Exp
834Music Choice: Country HitsBasic Exp
835Music Choice: Classic CountryBasic Exp
836Music Choice: Contemporary ChristianBasic Exp
837Music Choice: Pop LatinoBasic Exp
838Music Choice: Musica UrbanaBasic Exp
839Music Choice: MexicanaBasic Exp
840Music Choice: TropicalesBasic Exp
841Music Choice: RomancesBasic Exp
842Music Choice: Sounds of the SeasonsBasic Exp
843Music Choice: Stage & ScreenBasic Exp
844Music Choice: SoundscapesBasic Exp
845Music Choice: Smooth JazzBasic Exp
846Music Choice: JazzBasic Exp
847Music Choice: BluesBasic Exp
848Music Choice: Singers & SwingBasic Exp
849Music Choice: Easy ListeningBasic Exp
850Music Choice: Classical MasterpiecesBasic Exp
851Music Choice: Light ClassicalBasic Exp
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