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ResTech Services IP Television is Your Local Alternative for Cable.

Pricing and Channel Lineups vary depending on the set up of your property, and come in two service styles, Right of Entry (ROE) and Bulk Service.  Choose the selection that best fits your location to learn more about available options.

Right of Entry

I would like to set up new television service.

ResTech Services offers IPTV Services in Your Building.

HD & DVR Capable, with access to all of your favorite networks.  Add premiums like HBO, Showtime, & More.

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Bulk Service

A basic cable package is provided by my property, but I would like to upgrade.

Your community already provides you with a basic cable package.

Add HD & DVR, upgrade your lineup,  add premium networks like HBO & Showtime, and more.

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Why Choose ResTech?

No Contracts.
Cancel or change your service at any time. We’ll even prorate the charges

No Installation fees.
We don’t charge to get you started.

No monthly equipment fees.
The cost of service is the cost of service.

No hidden fees.
What you see is what you get.

No term limits on special pricing.
Save for the entire duration of your service.

Traffic is traffic.  We don’t throttle services that use your bandwidth to the fullest.

Local Staff and a Central Location.
That means decreased wait times for resolutions and no calls to who knows where.

IPTV Service FAQ

ResTech Services is available at my building, but IPTV Service is not listed on the order page...

Unfortunately, the technical demands of IPTV Service means that it is not feasible at all locations.  Depending on the service delivery type and availability of certain levels of bandwidth to your property, we cannot always guarantee that the service will work reliably.  In those cases, we simply do not offer it.

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