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Internet Based Digital Television for Residential Service

ResTech Services offers IP Television, an Internet based digital cable product, an alternative to traditional cable and satellite services options.

Whether it’s a bulk service, delivered via coaxial cable to each unit, or a receiver based option, ResTech can connect your property to top teir, fan-favorite channels, as well as premium add-ons like HBO, Showtime, Starz and more. We can also start you off with a limited base package, while offering residents the opportunity to upgrade their offerings at discounted rates.

Easy to Use, With Expandable Lineups

Service is delivered to each unit via a compact internal system over coax, just like traditional cable. Residents simply plug in their television, run a standard channel scan, and they are up and running

Residents wishing to upgrade their service with expanded lineups and premium channels will access these options, which include the channels in the building’s base package, via an HD or HD DVR receiver.

ResTech Installation and Support

We’ll provide you with professional installation, maintenance and customer service. Your residents call us directly with any issues, so you don’t have to deal with problems.

Flexible Business Model

ResTech Services offers you the best both Bulk and A la Carte options, giving your residents options to upgrade channel lineups and add premium channels.


Bulk Model

General Description

100% of your units are connected to IPTV Digital Service and receive a general market base-programming package. Residents benefit from competitive bulk pricing. Additional programming is also available with bulk pricing.

Resident Programming Upgrade Options

Residents may upgrade their base package, and have access to add all available programming and service options a la carte.

Billing Method

The property is billed for bulk programming.
The customer is billed by ResTech Services for any additional programming and services.

Resident Programming Commitments

No resident commitments required, though they must set up an activation account with ResTech Services. This allows them to add expanded lineups, premium channels, music channels, etc.

Head-End Installation Required

None required.  Service is delivered via Internet to the buildings distribution points.

Direct to Home (DTH)

General Description

In buildings with compatible Internet infrastructure, all units are eligible to receive IPTV Digital Service on an individual basis. You are providing your residents the choice between IPTV and another video provider.

Resident Programming Upgrade Options

Residents choose their own general base package, and have access to add all other IP Digital Telvision programming and service options a la carte.

Billing Method

The customer is billed directly for all ResTech Services programming and services.

Resident Programming Commitments

IPTV is a month to month, contract free service.

Head-End Installation Required

None required.

WHY IP Television?

  • Easy to install, easy to maintain
  • No Dish Necessary
  • Installation and ongoing support
  • Great group rates, customized choices
  • Programming choices you can tailor to your community
  • Basic starting package of 89 top networks, including locals
  • Receiver based upgrade options for additional resident choice, with upwards of 116 networks, plus 50+ music stations.
  • Available digital video recorder (DVR) services
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