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Bringing You The Best That Entertainment Has to Offer

ResTech Services offers a number of television options for property owners and managers, all designed to add maximum value to your amenities list, with minimum impact on the aesthetics of your property.  Whether it’s the single-dish, DIRECTV Digital Satellite Television solution, or our own IP Digital Television product, your residents will have all of their favorite entertainment sources at their disposal.

ResTech IP Digital Television

As an alternative to the national cable brands, ResTech Services has partnered with Wisconsin based communications co-op Vernon Communications, to offer our own, IP-based Digital Television product.

Get access to all of the favorite channels in sports, news and entertainment that you expect in a cable package. Properties receive a basic cable lineup for an affordable, per-unit rate, while residents are free to upgrade their lineups at discounted rates, add HD & DVR services, premium networks, and more.

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DIRECTV is the #1 Satellite TV service in the Country

As an Authorized Vendor of DIRECTV, ResTech Services is bringing you access to one of the country’s most popular satellite television services.  DIRECTV gives your residents sports, news, shows, and movies for the whole family.

Residents want choice. Our single-dish setup means that you can provide that your residents without disrupting the integrity of your building.  Residents don’t have to worry about line of site or balcony access for service, while you can go worry free about destructive mounting installations.

Whether you want to add the service as an amenity, or simply give the option for your residents to establish the service on their own, ResTech Services has you covered.

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